Frequently Asked Question|s|

This is where I answer all those questions you may or may not ask me.

Q: Who are you?
A: My name is Lily Morello. I am a young professional living in San Francisco, California. I heart food, polka dots, fresh fruit juice, tea, monochrome, and pretty things. As a child growing up in Fresno, I thought San Francisco was the coolest city ever; now, as an adult, I can see the entire San Francisco skyline whenever I look out my living room window. It's still cool.

Q: What is this?
A: This is a blog that chronicles my life as a yuppie and provides fine examples for those who are interested in living the yuppie lifestyle, too. I do not think that being a yuppie is about money or class. I believe it is about loving the city you live in and finding delight in daily life. In this blog you will find information about places to go in San Francisco, restaurant reviews, recipes, photos of things I like, crafting and styling tips, and occasionally some of my original illustrations.

Q: I need help with a creative project. Can you help me?
A: While I would love to help, I am currently unavailable for freelance work.

Q: Do you have a portfolio or a proper website?
A: Right here: If you are interested in seeing a bunch of my work rounded up in the same place and getting a copy of my (now slightly out-of-date) résumé, that's the place to go!

Q: May I use your work on my site?
A: Please feel free to repost or share the contents of this blog elsewhere. I am thrilled when I see that my work is being useful and appreciated. However, with the case of any tutorials, I ask that you not copy and paste the exact instructions directly into your post. And, of course, as is common internet courtesy, please credit me and provide a link back to the source.

Q: I have a product you might be interested in. Will you write about it on your blog?
A: All readers are welcomed at any time to submit suggestions for future blog posts. If you are a creative person with something relevant to share with the The Yuppie Lifestyle audience, please contact me with information on how you'd like to contribute. Please note that all reviews are posted at my leisure based on my personal experience with the place or thing.