Friday, October 29, 2010

The Fellowship of the Bling.

Ostentatious cocktail rings always catch my eye because I like how something small can at the same time add serious bling to an outfit. It can be the only piece of jewelry you're wearing and yet it will say— Hey, I am serious about accessorizing. I'm always jealous when I see people who can rock a cocktail ring without it interfering with their daily lives. I have to moisturize my hands a lot, so I don't think they'd work for me, plus they don't really make them in sizes for my child hands. I was particularly sad that this one was way too big for me:

| Betsey Johnson, "Under the Sea" Octopus ring |

A dear friend once pointed out though that cocktail rings are the sort of things that would make great gifts for girl friends if only everyone knew each other's ring sizes. So I am asking all of mine to post or message me your ring size, so I have it on file for some occasion long after you have forgotten this blog post when I can surprise you with a cool ring. Do it.

| Photo Credit: Zappos |


Cate said...

That ring is intense. I'm pretty sure I'm a 5, or maybe a 5.5, but I suppose it depends on the finger.

Mlle T said...

In love with that ring! Too bad it's only available in a larger size :(

I'm a size 5. Now you need to tell us yours.

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