Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Introduction and Purpose Statement

It has been about three years since I originally started the The Yuppie Lifestyle blog, and I decided it was time for a change. After struggling to make a comeback from my several-month wedding-planning and post-wedding-planning sabbatical, I realized that the older Me was having difficulty trying to conform to the writing style I established when I was three years younger. In other words, I am too lazy to write long entries, and I am sure you are too lazy now to read them. Learning how to be like me may not be a simple but the instructional materials should be. And so, dear Readers, I am presenting to you a somewhat new (for me) blog concept where I plan to bring you shorter sentences and more visuals to capture how I live my life*. (*Subject to change and after this entry, of course.) I don't really know what that means or where I am going with this yet but I do know that I am awesome, therefore I need to document my awesomeness by way of the Internet.

I leave you with an excerpt from today's Wikipedia article on "Yuppie", in which neo-con political commentator and Fresno raisin farmer Victor Davis Hanson defines "yuppism" as:
a late-twentieth-century cultural phenomenon of self-absorbed young professionals, earning good pay, enjoying the cultural attractions of sophisticated urban life and thought, and generally out of touch with, indeed antithetical to, most of the challenges and concerns of a far less well-off and more parochial Middle America.
I also leave you with this photo, where you can clearly see that the city of San Francisco cleared out Market Street for my photo shoot.

| Photo Credit: Aubrey Trinnaman |

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Mlle T said...

What a sexy header.

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