Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Yuppie Gift Guide, Day 2: Tea

I've never met a person who plain didn't like tea. Personally, I can't get enough of it and despite how my tea cupboard is overflowing with all sorts of different varieties, I still keep on buying more. I'm also genuinely thrilled whenever friends of mine gift me tea because it means they have either picked out something based on their own interpretations of my tastes or they are sharing with me a simple treat that they enjoy. Here is a roundup of some of my favorite teas (prices are approximates). Some are current obsessions while others are all time favorites. Furthermore, think about how easy it is to giftwrap a box of tea.

| 1. Mighty Leaf Organic African Nectar Tea ($10) | This is a naturally sweet rooibos tea that to me, smells kind of like a floral honey. All Mighty Leaf tea bags are actually biodegradable cotton pouches that provide the steeping power of loose leaf tea in the convenience of a tea bag.

| 2. Lupicia Jasmin Silver Hook Loose Tea ($10 for 50g) | This has a strong jasmine aroma and flavor. My dad loves this tea. | Photo Credit: Me |

| 3. Good Earth Original Sweet & Spicy Herbal Tea ($4) | Just as the box says, this tea is naturally super sweet and spicy. I served this with cupcakes at my wedding and afterwards guests were asking me where they could get it. I get it at Trader Joe's.

| 4. Fortnum & Mason Lapsang Souchong Tea ($15) | A classic smokey lapsang souchong tea from my favorite grocer in the whole world.

| 5. MarketSpice Cinnamon-Orange Tea ($9) | I picked some of this up when I was at Pike Place Market in Seattle over the summer. Another great spicy tea, the combination of citrus and cinnamon makes this taste like Christmas to me.

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