Friday, January 21, 2011

Gray and White Striped Sheets—Can you tell the $200 difference?

I saw these DwellStudio sheets on one of my favorite blogs this morning and thought— Joy Cho has my West Elm sheets! I quickly realized that they were in fact different sheets, and that they were almost $200 more than mine. I rarely find that those "get this look for less" situations are really quite like getting the same look as a designer item for less but I felt like this one was a case worth noting.

These sheet sets are basically the same. Yes, the DwellStudio sheets are 400-thread count, compared to only 200-thread with the West Elm set, but the percale weave of the sheets I own make them feel so very smooth and luxurious that I find it hard to believe the discrepancy could warrant the difference in price tag. And DwellStudio's ash color does seem to have a little more of a burnt gray look than the feather gray stripes from West Elm, but if you are going for a gray motif in your bedroom, I think either shade would look lovely. Plus, with the funds you save by getting the less expensive sheets, you could buy this awesome coverlet which I also own.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Urgh - these grey and white stripes. Sadly, they make me think of holocaust uniforms.

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