Thursday, February 10, 2011

It Is Awesome to Have a Little Grocery Shop on My Street

One of the things I love about where I am living right now is that a wonderful little neighborhood grocer is just a few doors down from me. It's called Chiotras Grocery. It looks like a potentially sketchy convenience store on the outside but I am actually very happy to be living down the street from it. The people are super duper nice. Their mascot dog, Blue, just chills outside the store all day. The store has everything I could possibly need at the very last minute or that it wouldn't be worth getting in a car and rolling down the hill for. I once assembled a whole lasagna with guests on the way only to discover I had no foil to cover the top of the lasagna with before putting it into the already pre-heated oven. In a situation like this, getting bailed out by the convienience of Chiotras Grocery was totally worth the higher-than-supermarket prices.

I also enjoy popping into the store on days when I am working at home and getting one of their delicious sandwiches. I always get the eggplant-pesto-mozarella sandwich, toasted. This is the only sandwich shop I have been to where the ciabatta roll gets super crunchy on the outside without being too hard to bite into. It's like the guy who runs the shop and makes the sandwiches knows the most optimum point of toastiness. They also seem to feature a different house-roasted meat each day. After placing my sandwich order, I am always invited to relax outside in the sun while I wait for my sandwich to be made. Then I walk just a few doors down back to my place to savor the satisfying crunchiness on the outside and the soft, flavorful yumminess on the inside.

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