Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kitchenette Is Really a Garage

Food trucks are all the rage these days but it's not in every city that you can get a sandwich filled with thick slices of juicy house-smoked pastrami out of a brick garage during your lunch hour. The last time Nick and I were both home for lunch, we rolled over to the Dogpatch to check out Kitchenette. Subtitled "spontaneous organic covert nourishment", Kitchenette is one of the back garages of a collection of warehouses, open on weekdays for two hours each day or until they run out of food. If you aren't keeping your eyes peeled for the little waiting benches, you'll surely miss it. I didn't even know that pastrami was something other than peppery deli meat until I bit into the pastrami from Kitchenette.

The menu changes daily and tends to involve two meaty options and one vegetarian option every time, with spicy chicharrones as a staple. We tried the house-smoked pastrami on rye with apple mustard and caraway-braised cabbage, and the slow-smoked pulled pork sandwich with mustard barbecue sauce and sweet & sour cole slaw. The succulent pastrami and the soft cabbage melded well in flavors and textures. We felt that there were bits of the pulled pork that were a little overcooked, so the standout of that sandwich was the sweet and tangy sauce. The girl as the register could have been a little friendlier, and for the amount of time it took for us to get our order you would think they could have cut our sandwiches in half, but I suppose you can't really expect super service with this type of impromptu dining. Being the sandwich-enthusiast that I am, I would still go back.

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