Thursday, March 24, 2011

Souvenirs for My Wardrobe

Several people who have seen my trip photos on Facebook have asked me about the clothes I am wearing in them. It seems that my friends are more interested in looking at my outfits than at the places I visited, which is why I love them. Here are some of the clothes I purchased while in London.

| left. French Connection, Mine and Yours dress | middle. Zara, Pleated Skirt | right. H&M, Striped Dress |

These are all available in the States right now as well. For labels that are based in the UK like French Connection, buying in the UK is a better deal than getting what's imported here. The dress above retails for £135 (currently about $220) in the UK with the tax already added in; yet, in the States, it retails for $258 plus tax, which I think is a little overpriced. For other European-based stores like Zara and H&M, cost is pretty much the same whether you buy in the UK or here.

| Photo Credit: See links provided. |

1 comment:

Mlle T said...

It's true! This is pretty much my favorite part of city vacations. Btw I apparently tried the wrong dress on at H&M. The one above is much cuter.

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