Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My First Loaf of Homemade Bread

A couple days ago I made my own bread from scratch, by hand and without a bread machine. I am quite proud of myself for how well it turned out which is why I am showing you photos of it. I made half of this recipe and topped my loaf with Kosher flake salt and some dried Herbes de Provence that I got in France.

I served it with a few little ramekins of different things—kalamata olives and figs from the Whole Foods olive bar, baked feta topped with pinenuts, and a mango-jalapeƱo chutney I made myself. I also made a bowl of spreadable chicken salad so that Nick would not starve from eating just a couple slices of bread and jam for dinner.

| Photo Credit: Me. |

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Cate said...

V. impressive!

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