Saturday, May 14, 2011

Today's Flavor: Think of an Elephant

I get lazy about wearing bracelets when it's chilly out because they tend to get at odds with the ends of my sleeves, but now that it feels like summer is on its way, I have been busting them out again. My aunt got me this bracelet ages ago in Thailand and I love that it has hand-carved elephants on it. There is something about wearing a dainty piece of jewelry with an elephant on it that feels fun and silly because elephants are not dainty creatures at all.

When I visited Thailand, I looked all over for this kind of bracelet and couldn't find anything close. So here are some other fun ways to incorporate the whimsy of tiny little elephants in your life.

| 1. Salvatore Ferragamo, Marine Monkey and Elephant Print Silk Tie | 2. Decoylab, Modern Baby Elephant Clock | 3. Forever 21, Metallic Elephant Wooden Bangle | 4. Target, Zoology Elephant Teapot | 5. Jonathan Adler, Utopia Elephant Lamp | 6. Svenskt Tenn, Elefant Handbag |

Bonus photo: Here I am (circa 2008) on a beach, riding bareback on an elephant. Because I am hardcore like that.

| Photo Credit: top. Me; 1–5. See links provided; bottom. Photo taken by the elephant keeper. |


Cate said...

I love the teapot! I also found this the other day and I kind of want it:
It's also of note that UO has an elephant jewelry holder for $12, but I don't think it's very cute.

Catherina said...

I <3 elephants, ever since I watched the Elephant Diaries documentary on the work the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is doing in Africa. That elephant clock has been on my Etsy favorites forever!! Can't wait to visit with elephants when we go to Thailand this summer too =) Looks like fun =)

Mlle T said...

2008... or 1999

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