Monday, June 13, 2011

Cheap Skinny Belts

Lately I have been obsessing over skinny belts. It started with this one from Anthropologie that I have in green and wore practically every day for the first two weeks after I bought it. Skinny belts are great for cinching boxy dresses and wearing over long cardigans. I also think they are easier to work into an outfit than those extra-wide belts.

I recently bought these three skinny belts from H&M. H&M is usually hit-or-miss for me but I've been digging a lot of the stuff they've put out in the last few months. One of the great things about these belts is that the cost of all three of them combined was less than the cost of the one belt from Anthropologie. Yes, I do notice a difference in the quality (the ones on the left and right have a particularly plastic-y feel to them) but when you are just looking to update your collection of fun everyday accessories, I don't think that necessarily matters.

What accessories do you look for in quantity over quality?

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