Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ferry Building Marketplace Mosaics

While I was wandering around enjoying the Ferry Building the other day, I noticed that in between retail spaces there were these little square mosaics on the walls. They depicted California flora and fauna as well as what the Ferry Building Marketplace has to offer—there were mosaics of fish, crabs, cows, olives, lemons, lobsters, and the like to represent all the good seafood, dairy, and produce you can find there. I've been to the Ferry Building loads of times but this was the first time I'd paid attention to them and Nick, who works nearby and therefore visits quite often, said he'd never noticed them. Some retailers even cover them up with carts of wares that overflow out of their spaces and I couldn't find any information online on the artist who made them. I thought these little guys deserved some love so I photographed as many different ones and I could find throughout the ground floor and compiled them here as a tribute.

If you know more about these mosaics, share it in the comments! I am curious about them and if there is a good story behind them.

| Photo Credit: Me. |

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