Thursday, June 23, 2011

Peanuts on Parade

Since Charles Schulz spent a great deal of his life in Santa Rosa, there are tributes to him and the Peanuts cast all over the city. "Peanuts on Parade" is an art installation that raised money for art scholarships; each Peanuts character was designed by a local artist. While I was there earlier this month, I tried to photograph as many of the Peanuts on Parade statues as I could find. I later learned that there is this very handy map which tells you where all the statues are located but I think that it was a lot more fun just to drive around hunting for them.

I think this type of scavenger hunt would be a fun activity to do when traveling with kids. Here in San Francisco, we have something similar with the "Hearts in San Francisco" installation; there are large heart sculptures all over the city as part of fundraising for the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. In 2010 there was the "Elephant Parade" in London to benefit Asian elephant conservation and in 2008 there were "King Bladud's Pigs" in Bath to raise money for city improvements. What other cities have a version of this type of art installation? Do you have something similar in your city?

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Cate said...

Yes, actually, we have book sculptures all over the city this summer:

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