Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blueberry Season

Now that it is blueberry season, I love getting little packs of blueberries and sprinkling them on top of salads. All you need to do is get a lettuce mix and whisk together a simple vinaigrette and once you top it with a small handful of blueberries, the salad instantly turns into a pretty culinary masterpiece.

Blueberries are also brilliant because they are the only blue food I can think of that occurs in nature. (I try to steer clear of foods that are colored in ways that do NOT occur in nature.) And while these pretty, blueberry-colored things aren't too edible, they will certainly have a longer shelf-life.

| 1. J.Crew, Secret Wash Van Buren Gingham Shirt | 2. CARLOS by Carlos Santana, Prestige Pumps | 3. Kate Spade, The Royal Bazaar Lapis Studs | 4. Rachel Roellke, Zinnia Lino Print |

| Photo Credit: top. Me; 1–4. See links provided. |

1 comment:

Cate said...

RE: #2: I bought those shoes in the more turquoise-y blue for the wedding, but I am a heel-wearing failure...4.5 inches was too much for me, so I had to send them back. Doo doo dooo.

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