Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Last Third of 2011

It's kind of sad that my last post here in 2011 was about getting a new work bag to celebrate my new job and then I was not to be heard from again for the rest of the year. As much as I loved blogging, it took up a huge amount of my spare time—a type of time that became practically non-existent once I started full-time work as a game designer. My job is super fun, though, and it's hard to complain about long hours when you're making games for a living.

Lately, however, I've become addicted to Instagram and have been using it to document every little memory I could possibly want a quick snapshot for. I realized that while I unfortunately might not have time to type up anecdotes or put together moodboards, friends and readers interested in The Yuppie Lifestyle might still find my on-the-go photo-taking fun. So, I am going to give blogging another go by posting 5 photos from my Instagram feed that sum up the last third of my 2011. And I'll try to post 5 more photos every time I have a great week or do something neat or extraordinary.

This isn't necessarily a resolution for the new year; I'd rather just call it a personal goal. But I do want to thank everyone who bugged me about blogging more—you guys are awesome.

5 snapshots:

A pretty flower at a cute cafe in the Castro.

The view from our room at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, where Nick and I spend our Thanksgiving. Our balcony was right over the Bellagio fountains.

Nick and I have been obsessing over ramen lately even though it never seems to photograph well. We love Halu and Genki Ramen. Any other suggestions for SF ramen spots?

One of my company perks is free admission to Disneyland. I didn't like Disneyland as a child but I had more fun as an adult.

Some of the most awesome gingerbread houses I've ever seen. This tribute to the Painted Ladies along Alamo Square was part of the annual Palace Hotel Gingerbread Competition. Funds raised through the contest went to charitable organizations chosen by the winners.

(And yes, I finally jumped on that iPhone bandwagon.)

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