Monday, February 6, 2012

The SF Antiquarian Book and Paper Fair

I often find out about interesting events in San Francisco just by accidentally driving past them on the weekend. That's how I learned about the Antiquarian Book and Paper Fair, which turned out to be exactly what the event name implies. I think I was the youngest person in attendance, but I thoroughly enjoyed pursuing booth after booth of delicate books and whimsical old illustrations still more vibrant in their ripe age than many of the children's books of today. I saw antique postcards that ranged anywhere from 25¢ to a few hundred dollars and prints from as far back as the 15th century. I left empty-handed, but I did take a few photos for souvenirs.

These paper dolls were sent in the mail as postcards and had instructions for play on the back.

I thought this was a charming reminder of how language evolves over time.

A collection of paper dolls representing soldiers throughout history.

Beautiful binding and a story about time caught my eye. Clearly this book was a time traveler itself.

This whimsical pop-up book was better watching a 3-D movie.

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