Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Incredible Bulk.

Over the weekend, Nick and I experienced Rainbow Grocery for the first time. Rainbow Grocery is a cooperative worker-owned establishment that is apparently pretty popular in San Francisco amongst hippies, people who ride bikes, and now yuppies who enjoy going to novelty grocery stores late at night to avoid the crowds of hippies and people who ride bikes.

What I love about Rainbow Grocery is their seriously epic bulk goods section. There, you can find anything from loose honeybush tea, to juniper berries, to miso paste. This appeals to me because why would I shop at a regular grocery store with only one kind of flour when I can shop at a grocery store that has 30 different kinds of flour? And also lets me decide how much to buy? This totally caters to my loves for having many options and being in control.

| Photo Credit: marispacifica via SFoodie |

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