Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mad Green Party.

While driving past the Concourse Exhibition Center last weekend, Nick and I noticed a sign that said "BIKE VALET" and large masses of hippies heading towards the building, where apparently the Green Festival was taking place. After some quick research, I learned that we could get into the festival (henceforth referred to as the hippie convention) for free by each spending $10 at Rainbow Grocery. Since we didn't seem to have a better way to spend a rainy Sunday, Nick and I proceeded to do just that, and subsequently found ourselves attending our very first hippie convention.

While there, we got free reusable tote bags, free granola bars, and tons of free samples of açaí juice and chocolaty quinoa. It was pretty packed and we agreed was much more fun than the bridal fair we attended while planning our wedding. We almost wished that we hadn't had such a huge breakfast at Brenda's beforehand because we were too full to try all of the organic yogurt, organic agave syrup, and organic whole grain crackers that the hippie convention exhibitors had to offer. And while we didn't learn anything about how to be better environmentalists, we certainly learned that hippies love swag just as much as yuppies do.

1 comment:

Mlle T said...

Eat like a hippie, look like a celebrity.


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