Monday, November 29, 2010

The Yuppie Gift Guide, Day 1: Stuff You Can't Have Enough Of

There are some things that you can never have too many of. My friend Jess and I have been gifting each other shoes over and over again for this reason. If you find a good gift but you're worried that your recipient already has something similar, get it anyway. They could probably use a spare. And if anything, these are all items that don't take up very much space in the back corner of one's closet, should they find their way there.

| 1. Forever 21 Linear Satin Bow Headband ($3.80) | I confess that Forever 21 is still a go-to place for me for cheap jewelry and headbands. For a simple headband with a cute bow, they really do have the variety you need.

| 2. OPI Big Apple Red Nail Lacquer (about $7) | I use OPI both at the nail salon and at home because I find that grouped with good base and top coats, it really lasts for a long time. I painted on this color two weeks ago and it still looks decent. I love this classic bright red because it works both during the summer and the winter.

| 3. Royal Tailor Cuff ($38) | I find myself being very drawn to button-themed things like this awesome bracelet that combines gold and silver tones. It is tough for me to find cuff-style bracelets that don't fall off of my child wrists and this one fits very nicely.

| 4. Kate Spade Jingle Flats ($250) | Like I said before, you can never have too many pairs of shoes. I like these because I am obsessed with Kate Spade and also really into sparkly things this season. They're pretty Christmasy with the little jingle bells and all but I would totally wear them all year.

| 5. Kiehl's Facial Fuel Moisturizer ($30) | Despite the packaging, there is nothing about this moisturizer that makes it specifically for men; I once asked a Kiehl's associate about it and she said that many men just need their beauty products to be in manly colored bottles. This is actually just an amazing moisturizer that is incredibly lightweight and soothing and yes, I use it even though I'm a girl.

| 6. J.Crew Tipped Microstripe Socks ($12.50) | The men in my life seem to wear their socks way beyond when the holes are starting to show. Why don't they just get new ones? Every time I am at J.Crew, the contrast of the super dark navy and the yellow on these catches my attention.

| 7. Exuvius Titan Collar Stays ($30) | Collar stays are so easy to lose that guys can always use more. But these aren't just collar stays— they are multi-purpose tools specially designed to serve as thread-cutters, screwdrivers, and bottle openers as well. You can wear them in your collar or stick them on your keyring.

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#7 is pretty damn cool...

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