Monday, December 6, 2010

The Yuppie Gift Guide, Day 5: Cheap and Somewhat Comical

Sometimes even finding the right gag gift is a challenge. What if your picky recipient doesn't think it's funny? Well then, at least you can reassure yourself that you didn't spend very much on it, and that your sourpuss friend didn't deserve a more expensive gift anyway.

| 1. Ham & Cheese Hot Pocket Poster ($30) | Okay, this is a poor example of super cheap but this poster is really amazing. Artist Justin Perricone takes the alarmingly long list of ingredients in a Ham & Cheese Hot Pocket and turns it in to a beautiful typographic poster. I am particularly disturbed by "natural smoke flavor"; is that really necessary as an ingredient? I would totally get this if I were uncouth enough to eat Hot Pockets.

| 2. Jesus Magnetic Finger Puppet ($6) | It's a finger puppet! Of Jesus! And it's also a magnet. Other religious, political, and literary figures are also available.

| 3. Holy Crap Eraser ($4) | A gift for people who want to pretend that they can erase their mistakes. Or for people who honestly believe that they can erase their mistakes. I thought it would be funny to put this one under the Jesus finger puppet.

| 4. Fortune Bandages ($7) | Bandages with fortune-cookie-style messages on them, to provide recipients with the uplifting message they'd need while they were bleeding. Uplifting messages include: "Happiness is the absence of paper cuts."

| 5. Sweet Nothing Nifty Note Pad ($4.50) | Knock Knock has all sorts of handy note pads to provide small conveniences in paper form. This one makes it easy to communicate a sweet nothing to your lover by filling out a brief paper form. Fields to fill out include: "To" followed by a selection of generic petnames and an easy-to-mark scale of 1 to 10 for "I love you this much". You could even fill out the first page in place of enclosing a card with your gift.

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Mlle T said...

I am so buying these for coworkers. THANK YOU L!

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