Friday, December 3, 2010

The Yuppie Gift Guide, Day 4: Kitchen Vessels

In contrast with novelty kitchen gadgets, a simple kitchen canister or some other vessel can also make a good and safe gift. There is always to need to put stuff in things when working in the kitchen and these items are great for storing a wide variety of stuff. When shopping for everyday items like some of these however, it is important to consider your recipient's color scheme or decorating motif when making your selection. If you have never visited the kitchen of your recipient, it is probably best to skip this category.

| 1. Provencal Biscuit Canister ($28) | The Anglophile in me fell in love with this because it's a cookie jar that says "biscuits" on it but that doesn't mean it's just for biscuits. I used it as a postcard holder at my wedding and now I'm using it as a utensil holder for all the cooking utensils I need to keep right next to the stove. But if you do end up using it for biscuits, cookies, crackers, and the like, the rubber ring on the inside of the lid gives it a tight seal.

| 2. Latte Bowls ($20 for 4) | These are an elegant way to add a pop of color to a kitchen. Get them in the favorite color of your favorite host or hostess. If they don't need another set of bowls for lattes or soup, these are also great for storing random knick-knacks throughout the house. I find the mini versions great for organizing jewelry and binder clips.

| 3. Fido 1-Liter Jar ($5) | People who love shopping out of the bulk bins as much as I do can always use more clear, tightly lidded jars to keep their dry grocery items fresh and looking pretty at the same time.

| 4. Monogrammed Mug ($6) | Owning a whole set of monogrammed mugs might be overkill but if you have a friend who could use a new coffee mug in the workplace to replace that stained one they got for free at a convention years ago, then this is just the thing. I also find mine to be a cute holder for my large collection of Sharpie markers.

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