Monday, January 10, 2011

Lifestyle Tip: What to Do If Transparency Leads to CMYK in InDesign

This isn't in any way a techy and/or crunchy blog but a couple days ago I discovered a solution to a big InDesign conundrum and figured I would share it. Plus I am also trying a new thing here where I do a better job of using the post titles to describe what the post is about.

A few months ago I was collaborating with a friend of mine who is a designer. He was putting together a nifty branding guide in InDesign, but we realized that every time he used a transparency effect, all his RGB colors turned to dull-as-doldrums CMYK. I've made this little graphic to illustrate the difference. The same color swatches are displayed in the CMYK color space on the left and the RGB color space on the right.
I ran into the same issue last week on a separate project, and a quick Google led me to this where I was able to pick out the solution. If all your RGB things turn to CYMK when you're using transparency in an InDesign document, do the following:
1. Go to Edit.
2. Go down to Transparency Blend Space.
3. Select Document RGB.
Your colors should be back to their bright and shiny RGB goodness.

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