Friday, January 7, 2011

Today's Flavor: Wood Grain

After spending a good amount of time putting together my gift guide, I got pretty addicted to making those little product collages/composites. After the holiday came and went, I started to feel a void. So, I am introducing a new feature where I take an item I own and use it to set the theme for a collage of similar items I've found online. This will help readers find a piece of the yuppie lifestyle for themselves that is inspired by something I am loving at the moment.

I got this lamp shortly after we moved to San Francisco. I found it at the very bottom of a pile of sale stuff at the Burlingame Anthropologie and bought it for a super discounted price. I did a little research on the product later and learned that it is made out of an actual hollowed out tree stump. I didn't put a shade on it because I like seeing the contrasts among the natural wood, the antique-y brass harp, and the modern bulb.

Ever since I bought this lamp, I have been obsessing over real and faux wood grain things. Here are a few that have caught my eye.

|1. Terrain, Small Ash Wood Cutting Board | 2. Terrain, Wood Grain Pitcher |
3. Decoylab, Teapot Clock | 4. Lattice Wooden Mat | 5. Sherry Olsen, Wild Woodland Vase |

| Photo Credit: top. Me; 1–5. See links provided. |

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