Monday, January 24, 2011

Popcorn that Doesn't Taste Like It Will Kill You

I'm trying to start a new thing where I set myself a mini-goal every weekend; I call it a scavenger hunt, and even though it is nothing of the sort, it is my way of reminding myself to try something new once a week. Last weekend's scavenger hunt was for homemade popcorn.

I'd never made popcorn from scratch before but the idea had always appealed to me because I like being able to control the amount of grease and flavorings in my snacks. So, I got some popcorn kernels from the bulk bin at Whole Foods. I followed these easy instructions to pop the corn, and then drizzled one tablespoon of browned butter over it. Then I tossed the popcorn together with a mixture of freshly-grated parmesan cheese, kosher salt, and dried Italian herbs. It tasted satisfyingly homemade, and I liked how there wasn't a coating of artificial butter taste on everything. Definitely a successful experiment.

| Photo Credit: Me. |


Mlle T said...

Wow what a coincidence, I actually made home made popcorn this weekend as well! Though I think I put too much olive oil so it did kind of feel like it was going to kill me by the time I got to the last kernel.

Cate said...

Yes, I pretty much refuse to eat popcorn that I didn't pop myself...I usually just throw a little olive oil in and add some garlic salt and I am happy. :)

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