Monday, January 17, 2011

Tourism for Locals

Nick and I are going to London and Paris in March. London is my favorite city in the world because of my massive Anglophilia. It'll be my first time visiting Paris, and while I am not nearly enough of a romantic to buy into all of that "City of Love" business, I'm betting it'll still be a nice treat. Other people in my life seem to have been caught up in the excitement of my trip-planning too, which I think is adorable. My boss bought me these cute little books full of fold-out maps for Christmas and my friend Taleen bought me a sheet of Ladurée stickers in anticipation.

I have been spending a lot of my spare time researching things to do and I am finding sites like this and this to be extremely helpful; they feel a little more like they are written by a kindred spirit of mine than a professional travel guide writer. It makes me wonder, why doesn't someone make a site like this for San Francisco? While I'd love to make the time to take on such a project, I am not sure I can, or that I am hip enough to be that person. So in the meantime, I'll keep posting here about my lifestyle tips and observations as a local San Francisco tourist. Stay tuned for my neighborhood profile on Cow Hollow based on the lovely afternoon Nick and I spent there on Saturday.

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betting_im_not said...

aaaah Paris. We're heading back in November!
The absolute best tip I ever got for Paris is this:

When you make it into the city (by train, taxi, whatever), find a newsstand and purchase a Plan de Paris par arrondissement book (the cover looks like this:

They are about 4 euros, but you will use it a dozen times in the first hour. Don't buy it before you go because they are RIDICULOUSLY expensive in the US.

Have a wonderful time in my very favorite European city!

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