Friday, April 1, 2011

Beautiful Baked Goods at Ottolenghi

Despite all the hullabaloo about French pastries, the most beautiful bakery I visited during my trip was in London. Ottolenghi was a delight to the senses and yet another place I wish I had near home. Just look at how their baked goods appear to be oozing with deliciousness.

After much deliberation, I picked out a pesto and chèvre muffin for a take-away breakfast. I think their other locations might be bigger but one we went to in Belgravia was teeny-tiny. We ate our breakfast while sitting on the edge of a flower planter because we tried to get into the immaculately-kept park at the end of the block but discovered it was locked and only for residents. This did not take away from experiencing the amazingness of the savory muffin.

| Photo Credit: Me. |
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