Thursday, March 31, 2011

Souvenirs for His Wardrobe

After writing about some of the clothes I bought in London, a reader asked that I write about Nick's finds as well. Nick got two new shirts from Ted Baker, one of our favorite London-based labels. They are good for guys who need more slim-fitting items.
| left. Ted Baker, Mabley dogtooth print shirt | right. Ted Baker, Upping gingham check shirt |

What I love about Ted Baker are the little details they put into the clothes that you can't even see on the product photos on their website. One of the shirts has this pale purple stitching just on the inner edge of the collar and a tiny strip of lining with a floral pattern. Since it's a casual shirt for which you'd leave the top button undone, you can catch glimpses of the floral pattern when the shirt is worn.

| Photo Credit: top. See links provided; bottom. Me. |

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