Thursday, April 21, 2011

Keeping in Healthy Spirits

After getting a lot of positive feedback from male readers on my post about men's shirts, I asked Nick for suggestions for more male-oriented posts and he told me to write about Healthy Spirits. Healthy Spirits is a neat little shop with a huge selection of beers imported from Europe. We like it there because it is not the sort of shop you'd run into to pick up a six pack of any old American beer on your way to a party. Tucked away on a residential corner a few blocks uphill from the main Castro strip, it is a shop clearly run by people who care about helping you find a well-crafted beer you'll enjoy.

Nick loves Belgian brews so it is nice that all the beers are sold by the bottle and we can get a few different ones to try whenever we are in the area. They have a section of beers that are fruitier and sweeter too, so if you aren't typically a beer drinker or are looking for something a little more "girly" they'll be able to recommend something for you. If you're looking for a snack to enjoy while getting your beverage on, their hummus supposedly gets rave reviews and they also have a great selection of some of fabulous ice creams by the pint. Despite the name, hard-to-find quality beers are really their specialty and the highlight of this shop is the shelves and shelves of different beers that they've somehow managed to cram into the small space.

Healthy Spirits is located at 2299 15th Street, San Francisco, California 94114.

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