Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Planting a One-Pot Herb Garden

Over the weekend we planted an indoor herb garden in one big pot. Our big basil plant had a tragic bout with whiteflies a few months back so I wanted to start fresh this spring with a few smaller plants clustered together. We don't have a backyard but our place has a lot of big windows with direct sunlight so I am hoping that our little indoor herb garden will work out.

We used these instructions as a general guide and planted two sweet basils, a lemon thyme, an oregano, and a little six-pack of a really pretty lettuce mix I found at a local nursery. Our pot did not come with holes on the bottom so we drilled some to make sure there was adequate drainage. We got our supplies from all over the place but I would recommend the Home Depot Pro in Colma because the people there were helpful and the plants looked really healthy, as well as Flowercraft Garden Center here in SF for their wide selection, very reasonable prices, and just how pleasantly Zen the nursery felt.

I put Nick in charge of all the planting because I wanted the plants to get off to the best start possible and that likely involved not being handled by me.

| Photo Credit: Me. |

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