Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Simple Cupcake and Fringe Flag Card

Here is a card I made for my friend Jess for her birthday last month. This was a pretty different route for me because I usually make cards that involve a lot of straight lines and precise planning. This time I tried to do something simple and cute, so I cut a trapezoid and a dome out of some cardstock, and then freehanded the lines on the trapezoid with a gel pen to make an abstract cupcake wrapper.

To make the fringe-y flag, I first snipped off the ends of a toothpick. Gluing a small cylindrical object onto a piece of paper without the glue showing can be tricky. I cut a little flag shape out of cardstock and glued it onto the card as the base for the flag part. I then used a hot glue gun to sturdily secure the toothpick flag pole to the flag base. (So, the toothpick is only glued down on one end, but I used a decent amount of hot glue.) I cut several small strips of tissue paper and using roll-on adhesive, glued them down on just one end so that they covered the lump of hot glue. The strips don't need to line up perfectly or even be the same color; I used a combination of white and turquoise. Once I felt I had enough layers of tissue paper, I snipped a little wedge out of the free ends of the flag and then made little cuts to create the fringe.

| Photo Credit: Me. |

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