Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tut-Tut, It Looks Like Summer Rain

We had some random rainy weather here in San Francisco, just when I thought summer was on its way. I think this is pretty lame because I love sunny skies. Some people argue that summer is actually the coldest part of the year here in San Francisco because of the heavy fog that we get in the mornings and evenings, but I happen to live in the Potrero Hill neighborhood, where it is always sunnier than the rest of the city. Lifestyle Tip: If you're thinking of moving to San Francisco but are concerned about the cold and fog, move to the Potrero/Dogpatch area where it always feels about 10 degrees warmer than Golden Gate Park on the other side of town.

While lamenting about how gloomy it was outside, I came across this print by photographer Sarah Illenberger. It's called "Meloncholie" and I think it is the best way to picture summer rain.
If you, too, are feeling meloncholy about the summer rain, here are some cute and summery rain-themed things to help charm the clouds away.

| 1. Kate Spade, Kate Spade Umbrella | 2. Blanca Gómez, Monsieur I Print | 3. Zakka Nouveau, London Fog Tea Towel | 4. Joules, Millie Wellies |

| Photo Credit: See links provided. |


The Average Bride said...

O my! Your blog is too cute. =) What program did you use to put all those pictures together?

Lily said...

@The Average Bride: Thanks so much for reading! I use Photoshop to manually put all of my composites/collages together. There are other programs that are more specifically geared towards compiling images, like Snagit, but I like the level of control that Photoshop provides.

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