Thursday, May 5, 2011

This Season's Nail Color and My Neighborhood Nail Salon

Right now I am really loving the nail color that my manicurist helped me pick out. I'm wearing Essie's Tangerine polish, but it looks more like a hot salmon color in real life than it does the color of an actual tangerine. I think this is the perfect color for the warm summery weather we've been having around here lately and it really says happy times to me. Since I have been admiring my nails a lot recently I thought this would be a good opportunity to give a shout-out to La Fleur, the nail salon I frequent here in Potrero Hill.

La Fleur is much more of a neighborhood salon than a spa. There are even a couple of special children's pedicure chairs in the back with fairy wings on them. And instead of tranquil babbling brook sounds, there's always a soft rock radio station playing that allows me to flashback to my CD collection from the 90s as I get my nails done. The first time I went was when I wanted to treat myself and Nick to mani-pedis just after we finished moving into our place in Potrero. It happened to be the second day that the owners (a sweet married couple named Lin and Tam—sorry if I misspelled the names!) had been running the place, but there was absolutely no sense of new-management chaos and I have been going there ever since. During my second visit, I got "Hey, you look familiar, I remember the last time you were here" and by my third visit the owners were greeting me by name when I walked in the door. They even wave to me through the windows on other days when I am waiting for the 10 bus that stops right outside.

Having La Fleur a walking distance from where I live is great because the prices are the lowest I have seen for such a quality place. Manicures are only $12. At La Fleur, for this low price, they meticulously cut and shape my nails exactly the way I want them, the polish lasts a considerable amount of time, and they give super relaxing massages. I always find myself struggling not to fall asleep because they are so relaxing. Because of the incredibly thorough job they do there, this is not the place to pop in and out if you want a quick nail trim. Tam and Thuy will continuously scrutinize the shape of my nails as they file to make sure they are all even and perfect.

I strongly recommend La Fleur as a nail salon. If you're planning to check it out, note that it's easy to walk in and be tended to immediately on weekdays but an appointment on weekends is advisable. They take credit cards but appreciate if you use cash for tips if possible.

La Fleur Beauty Spa and Salon is located at 1701 20th Street, San Francisco, California 94107.

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Catherina said...

Aw how cute! I need to find a great shop like that here in Fresno...or Iowa lol. Loving the color's currently on my toes =)

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