Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Copper Rust and the Color of the Sea

I took this photo while I was walking along the waterfront behind the Ferry Building—something that never gets old. These copper plaques are on pillars that help make up the guardrails that overlook the water. I like the way the coppery color of the rust has bled into the turquoise paint of the pillar and the rusted parts of the copper plaque have turned a sort of turquoisey color. It's like time and weather have unified the two.

I've been seeing a lot of turquoise around lately and I like the idea of pairing it with copper and other metallics. I think this color combination makes people think of the sea even though it might not really be these colors. Here are some ways to bring thoughts of the sea to your life.

| 1. 2 Dogs Wood Working, Barn Wood Chunky Wide Picture Frame | 2. RJ Graziano, Bead and Crystal Stretch Bracelets | 3. Flora Forever Doorknob | 4. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Natasha Cross-Body Bag |

| Photo Credit: top. Me; 1–4. See links provided. |

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