Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rice Pudding in a Loving Cup

There are cupcake shops and ice cream shops and yogurt shops all over this city. And then there is Loving Cup. Loving Cup is a rice pudding shop. They have their own unique way of serving yogurt too, but when I saw rice pudding on the sign, I knew I had to go.

Their rice pudding is the English style; it's soft, gooey, creamy, and substley sweet. If you, like me, like deserts that are mild and not too sugary, then this is for you. I've tried their Madagascar vanilla base and the one that had tiny bits of English toffee stirred in and they were both amazing. They also have flavors like coconut, rum raisin, Nutella, and chai spice.

If you prefer your desserts on the less-gooey and more frozen side of things, Loving Cup serves up their frozen yogurt in a way that's totally different from your trendy yogurt joint. You choose a vanilla or chocolate base and toppings from their extensive list, and they put everything in a special machine that blends it all together. They pass it through the machine twice to make sure everything is thoroughly blended and what you get is a frozen yogurt treat that has been custom-churned just for you. I recommend getting cookie dough, Oreos, and animal crackers for the ultimate cookies-and-cream experience.

Despite the totally unique and modern concepts that the shop serves up, Loving Cup has a cool retro feel to it with their vintage-soda-fountain-style yogurt menu and the jars and jars of different toppings lining the counters. The staff are super friendly, everything is compostable, and the portions are generous. I've already been there twice in the last three weekends even though it's on the other side of town so yeah, I really like it there.

Loving Cup is located at 2356 Polk Street, San Francisco, California 94129.


Chung Nguyen said...

Must. Try. :-D

Mlle T said...

I went to a rice pudding place in NYC last year and thought this trend Must be coming soon to us. Yum.

And how is the pie trend going? Seems like it's going to be the new cupcakes, possibly. Are there any good pie places you know of in the city?

Lily said...

@MlleT: I hope pie is not the new thing because I am not as crazy about pie. I don't think it will catch on because it is not as cute and portable as a cupcake or something that can be served in a paper cup. The banana cream tart at Tartine Bakery is kind of like a pie though, and that is a definite winner.

birdie to be said...

I went here a few weeks ago! Delicious toppings! I had vanilla with almond butter & graham.

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