Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Glittery Gold Slingbacks—Can you tell the $245 difference?

I love the Kate Spade look and have amassed a decent collection of Kate Spade accessories by always keeping an eye out for some of their really good sales. But when it comes to shoes, it's hard for me to justify splurging when I know that no matter how pricey, they're still going to get scuffed up against the ground from my awkward, flat-footed gait. Which is why I think these sparkly slingbacks by J. Reneé are a good find for getting the glittery Kate Spade Charm look for less.

I haven't seen the more affordable version in person but I'm guessing that since they are being sold by Nordstrom, you're not missing out on a posh shopping experience in any way by going with them. These shoes have the same bow styles, are both open-toed slingbacks, and are both covered in glittery gold goodness. The ones from Nordstrom even have a kitten heel which, albeit a little less sexy-looking, are probably going to be a lot more comfortable at the end of the night. What do you think? Is the difference of the heel worth the difference on the price tag?

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ProfessorPwnagi said...

No, definitely not worth the markup - no one is going to notice the difference or care. But I guess it depends on how well off you are.

I look at situations like this and think about the fact that the few hundred Dollars saved can go towards several great bottles of wine, a weekend trip, or whatever else.

Catherina said...

I think the Nordstrom one is just as cute, and as you said, may even have its own advantage over the Kate Spade in the more comfy heel. Whenever I find similar items to something pricy I've been wanting, there's usually some little detail that I'm fixated on that prevents me from getting the cheaper item. In this case though, I say Nordstrom is the winner.

Lison said...

WOW! you just make me save $245!!
thank you very much !

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