Monday, June 6, 2011

Today's Flavor: Fish Are Friends

My sweet friend Taleen got me these fish earrings for my birthday last year and they are amazing. They were handcrafted from washi paper and then lacquered to be more durable. Most people know of washi paper from the super-popular washi tape that can be used for all sorts of great crafting projects, but the Japanese word "washi" actually applies to many paper products made from plant fibers. I love how, because the fish were cut randomly from a patterned paper, I know my pair is slightly different from any other pair out there.

In general, I love fish-themed things. My very first pets were fish, so maybe that's a part of it. Here are some other adorable fish-themed things.

| 1. Yamazaki, Gone Fishin' Flatware | 2. Kate Spade, Enchantment Under the Sea Coin Purse | 3. Jean-Michel Cazabat, Romy Fish Skin Pumps | 4. Monet, Fish Stud Earrings | 5. Ototo, Sardine Paper Clips | 6. David Mayhew, Magnetic Wooden Tongs | 7. Cara Accessories, Blowfish Crystal Stretch Ring |

| Photo Credit: top. Me; 1–7. See links provided. |

1 comment:

Mlle T said...

Thanks for the shout out m'dear! I'm so glad you liked the earrings. Brilliant shot of them on the teacup by the way; never would have thought of posing them like that.

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