Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Restaurant Review: Zazie

If you're as afraid of commitment at the brunch table as I am, then Zazie is the place for you. The best part about the brunch menu at Zazie is that almost every item can be ordered in quantities of one, two, or three. So, if you can't decide between committing to a whole stack of buttermilk or gingerbread pancakes, you can get one or two of each. Or you can sample a couple of the options on their diverse Eggs Benedict menu. Just get there before 10:30 if you're going on a weekend, in order to save yourself from yet another 45-minute San Francisco brunch line wait.

Service: The host manning the sign-in sheet seems like the type who recognizes regulars easily and was still very friendly to a non-regular like me who doesn't make it out to Cole Valley too often. The waitstaff was polite, nice, and not intrusive. The busboy was attentive, and slowed down the cleanup of the table next to us when he noticed I was photographing the latte bowls on it.

Food: Nick, who orders French toast at every single brunch place he goes to, testifies that their challah French toast stuffed with caramelized bananas and walnuts is the second best French toast in the city (the first being a butterscotch and pumpkin bread French toast from the specials board at Dottie's). The poached egg presentations that I have tried there have all been quite flavorful and the combinations have been exciting; however, most recently both the eggs I received were practically hard boiled and I was slightly disappointed by not getting a runny yolk that I could soak up with my English muffins. I probably would have put up a bigger fuss about it if the other ingredients weren't cooked as perfectly as they were.

Ambiance: I think the place is going for a rustic Proven├žal look, which does work with the comforting breakfast items on their menu. Big fluffy pancakes and French toast are served on brightly painted plates and lattes are served in big lavender bowls. There are tattered vintage French posters on the pale yellow walls. With the worn-down cushions on the wooden benches, it feels a little bit like eating in an old countryside home if you ignore the other patrons.

Rating: Recommended.

Zazie is located at 941 Cole Street, San Francisco, California 94117.

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Scott Jon Siegel said...

I LOVE Zazie. Their Eggs Benedict menu is to die for.

Fun fact: Zazie is also a favorite of Apple design guru Jony Ive, designer of the original iPod and countless other amazing products.

Chung Nguyen said...

Love Zazie. And since I live nearby, I'll attest to the fact that it's even busy during the weekdays for breakfast/brunch.

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