Monday, July 11, 2011

Mini Garden Gnome

This little guy hangs out in my one-pot herb garden. I got him at Target for only four bucks. I was so amused by how these little garden gnomes existed for people like me who want to pretend they have a real garden even if it is one that is tiny and indoors.

My garden has changed a lot since Nick and I first planted it back in April. We ended up transplanting the basil to a separate pot because it needed different watering conditions from everything else it was sharing soil with. The lettuce was growing like weeds at first but quickly withered and the oregano seems to have been crowded out by the thyme. We added mint to the mix though, after not having luck with some of the other plants, and that has been growing like crazy. Lifestyle Tip: If you aren't very good with plants but you want to try growing something you can eat, start out with mint because it will be the most encouraging.

What other herbs are easygoing and worth trying to grow indoors at home?

| Photo Credit: Me. |

1 comment:

Dorian said...

Be careful with the mint - it quickly becomes invasive. On the plus side, when I cut ours back, I make a gallon of mint iced tea!

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