Friday, July 8, 2011

Wedding Cards From Non-Romantics

Last week I found myself staring at a rack of wedding cards for at least a half-hour at the store. I wanted to pick a great one for my friend Cate to tell her how much it meant to me that she'd chosen to include me on her wedding day and how I wanted to congratulate her on finding love. But all the cards I was looking at had these random quotations about love and, a) were made by someone I hadn't even heard of before, and/or b) I had no idea whether Cate and her groom actually viewed their love in the particular way conveyed by the quote on the card. I definitely didn't want some greeting card company telling my friends how to define their love. Maybe I am just not a very romantic person but I ended up leaving the store empty-handed, and going home and making this card instead.

This way, if they were so inclined, my friends could fill out the front of their card with a statement that did capture the way they viewed their relationship and my message of congratulations and thankfulness inside would apply to whatever that statement may be.

True confessions time: This was an unusual card for me to make because I typically make cards that involve more paper cutouts and rubber stamps and less drawing and lettering by hand. But I had an idea so I gave it a go. I was really happy with the way it turned out—except that one of the last lines I drew was the bold one on the very bottom and when I moved the ruler away, it took some of the wet ink along with it and totally smeared that line. It is with the magic of Photoshop that I concealed this tragic flaw from all of you; this is what the final card looked like in real life. FAIL. Because the magic of Photoshop could not be used for real-life objects, all I could do was include an apologetic note to Cate and her groom in hopes that they not misconstrue my views on their wedding as being so smeared. I can't be perfect all the time.

Dear Cate: If you are reading this and it is a total spoiler for the box of cards you have waiting at home, well, you shouldn't be on the internet during your Jamaican honeymoon, now should you?

| Photo Credit: Me. |


Mlle T said...

Wow, it's gorgeous even with the smudge. The smudge gives it a Tim Burton effect.

Cate said...

I love it, even with the smudge! I can't wait to go home tonight to see it in person! <3

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